Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Moving this blog over to the new RADICALS FOR CHRIST website . So keep an eye out for www.radicalsforchrist.com and keep up with what is going on . God Bless

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back in 1981 I became Born Again. In 1984 I co-founded a ministry called Radicals For Christ . The purpose was to share the Gospel of Christ to ALL mankind . The word Radical wasn't based on looks but in having a radical heart for Christ . We reached alot of people in the 80's. Now after almost 20 years of being on the shelf The Lord has called me back into Full Time ministry and resurrecting RFC! With the advancement of social media I am pumped to see how much God is already moving! We will incorporate this blog on our new website that is being built. We will alos have teaching podcasts / merch / and a online church service . Stay Tune !!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Rebirth of the Fire

The past 2 month I have been dealing with issues regarding my MG . Through this time God has shown me that I needed to Repent of my backslidden ways and that I needed to get back on the path he called me on when he saved me from hell on 11/27/81.I will write more later

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A False Sense of Peace

We are living in very perilous times in this world. As a believer these are exciting .. To the non-believers it's a time of chaos . It's no secret that the USA has left God out of the picture . We are truly living in " the times of Noah " . No longer are Spiritual or Moral values accepted. In fact if you do have spiritual and moral beliefs you are called a homophob or a racist or a hater . The church has become weak and powerless due to their attitude of not wanting to judge sin . Well I hate to bust the bubble but Jesus is coming back as a judge. It is true that in all we must have the Love of God as our motive in doing all for him . But we can no longer lay silent . We have to warn of the fires of hell . We get caught up in trying to fit in with world instead of being the light to the world . This isn't our home .. But yet many have their camps facing Sodom . The fall sense of peace is believing this world will get better . This world is planned to burn with the fire for heaven . We need to seperate our hearts from the distractions of this world .We need to embrace the spirit of revival starting with our hearts. Draw near to God and he will draw near to us

Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving On

Well that time has come that I knew was going to happen .. I am closing up my shop and moving . I have seen the writing on the wall the past few months . There are a few factors that led to my decision to close up and move . It's now secret that the economy blows . My business is supported by those with disposable income . Which is down almost 40% among 25-40 year olds . That is enough to cripple any small biz . The other factor is lack of support from the local crowd . Everyone wants a " local " shop but they don't " shop local " .. they go online to the big box store and buy their big ticket parts online and then shop the local shop when they need a bottle of oil or a spark plug .. well those small sales don't pay my rent or bills . It's such a drag to know many of my friends have decided to shop online and not come to my shop where I could get them the same price and have it delivered in the same time frame . But yet they say how the area needs a local shop . I have poured my heart and sweat and my own money into opening my shop and now I am seeing my dream become another statistic in a shitty economy . I am thankful that my buddy is letting me share space in his shop so I can still keep my biz open . But I can't help but feel a tad betrayed by my buddies and those who I have helped in my years in the industry who haven't pushed my biz as I have asked them to. I have longed said " your only as good until the next discount " . They say things happen for a reason ...........

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Great Divider

With the recent current events it's not shocking how divided this country has become . We are divided by skin color / social class / etc. We hear cries of injustice but yet those crying for justice forget that justice is for all mankind . Jesus himself said he came divide the world with a sword . The Word of God is the sword Jesus spoke of . And yes Jesus did not come to bring peace but came to divide .. He came to gather his flock and to divide them from the wolves ... Think about it

No Moral In Politics

Just an FYI ... Morality is no longer welcomed in politics ...